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Business Success

The story of Dan's Tree Care Inc. is one of success. Dan's career started with another local company. After working for them for six years Dan began picking up weekend work with just a pickup truck and a chainsaw. On April 12, 1983 Dan's Tree Care became incorporated with the state of New Jersey.

The business plan proposed for Dan's Tree Care had several parts. The first part was to eventually be able to compete with larger tree services. The second part was to maintain and increase the professionalism of his company through staying up to date with tree journals, college courses, and to develop and maintain a professional look for his employees and equipment. The third part was to maintain a high level of safety in all aspects of the business for his employees and his customers. The final part was to perform the highest quality of work achievable on every job site that he and his crew set foot on.

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Growing customers

Dan's original customers were mostly his weekend customers as well as his friends and family and their acquaintances. He began expanding his customer base by going door to door, and offering suggestions for hazards and plant health care. As the business began to expand he began growing and improving his equipment. At the beginning all of his equipment was used. His pickup truck had a homemade wooden box and the chipper and spray truck were also used. All of the maintenance and repairs were done by Dan. As the company began to expand so did Dan's knowledge and experience in the field and the quality of his work became known.

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Professional Reputation

In the next years Dan expanded his knowledge by acquiring his pesticide license and becoming a member of the New Jersey chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. Through reading many of the trade Journals as well as participating in the state climbing competitions and voluntary work days the reputation of Dan's Tree Care, Inc. became widely known. Over time, Dan was able to invest in new, state of the art equipment. This gave him a professional edge and showcased his dedication to professionalism and safety.

The majority of Dan's Tree Care Inc.'s customers are repeat customers. Dan's Tree Care, Inc. enjoys customer loyalty built on trust and personal service. The company also has many professional referrals as the quality of work and service has built a confidence and trust that the job will be well done.

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Future Tree Professional

Welcome to Dan's Tree Care team.

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